NI - Support Specialist Guide - User Account Disabled/MFA


Description/Purpose: This is the Support Specialist guide to assist a user after their account is disabled for not having 2-Step/MFA Authentication set up.

Clients having issue: NewcrestImage users that have a Box storage account that they are unable to access after a push to adopt MFA use.


1. Go to and login using the credentials from 1password.

2. Go to the Admin Console.



3. Click on "Users & Groups". Search for the user with the search bar and click on the account with their name.




4. In the Status field click on the drop-down menu and switch the Status to "Active".

5. Communicate with the user:

  • Let the user know why their account was disabled:
    • Because accounts that did not have 2-Step Authentication set up were deactivated for security.
  • and that you would be happy to temporarily reactivate their account so that they may set up 2-Step Authentication.
  • In addition, provide the user with the Knowledge Base Article:


Additional Notes:


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