Greenway Intergy Citrix Login

This guide will show how to log into Greenway Intergy via Citrix.

  1. Navigate to the Greenway Login Page
    1. Double click on the following icon on your desktop
      1. greenway-integry-citrix-website-login.png
  2. Log into the website using your IOD login credentials
    1. greenway-integry-citrix-website-login-page.png
  3. Select the proper Intergy app
    1. greenway-integry-citrix-website-select-app.png
  4. Select Open Citrix Workspace Launcher
    1. greenway-integry-citrix-launch-app.png
  5. Citrix will start
    1. greenway-integry-citrix-app-launching.png
  6. The app selected will launch
    1. greenway-integry-citrix-app-launched.png
  7. Once the login screen shows up in your app password
    1. greenway-integry-citrix-app-login.png
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