How to get support

This guide will show how to get support from one of our team members.

Get help from your computer

  1. Find the Help Simplify Support icon
  2. Click on the Help Simplify Support icon from the taskbar
  3. Select on Request Help
  4. In the popup window fill in the following fields:
    1. Subject: Shore description of the problem
    2. Body: Detailed description of the problem
    3. Images: Upload any images or screenshots
    4. E-Mail: Type in your email
    5. Phone: Type in your phone number
    6. Select Send



Send us an email

  1. Email us at
  2. Include a Description of the problem.  Please don't forget to include your contact information.

Give us a call (or text!)

  1. Call or text us at 855-677-4675.
  2. In case we're helping someone else - leave us a message, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.  Please don't forget to include your contact information.


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